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  International Conference on Anti Human Trafficking Initiatives: Theory to Practi
Anti Human Trafficking Initiatives: Theory to Practice Conference 25th to 26th November 2017 Kolkata, West Bengal, India In 2017 Kolkata Mary Ward Social Centre will be completing 3years of implementation of their Sensitization on Anti-Human Trafficking Project at the operational area of Canning 1 Block, a major gateway to enter the Sunderban Islands of West Bengal. The National Level Convergence Meet will create an opportunity for many INGO’s, NGO’s and Govt. Stakeholders & Academics to share the best practices applied in their domain areas of anti-human trafficking move, in both source and destination areas. The strategy of the Convergence Meet will be to ensure legal rights for the trafficking victims and survivors of human trafficking. KMWSC will try to develop a stronger network between the allied agencies for implementing better prevention methodologies in source areas for protection of women and children. Objectives of the Conference: - Explore methods for sustainable and practical common convergence and cooperation amongst NGO’s and Government agencies over prevention, protection, prosecution, repatriation, rehabilitation, and re-integration of survivor. - To assess the procedures undertaken by government agencies of the member countries to combat issues related to trafficking, exploitation and slavery and the way forward by civil society. - To explore the methods and degrees of inter-organizational collaboration, cross monitoring policies and liason with the organizations working on the issues of trafficking among the member countries. - To provide a platform for advocacy over the review and revision of the existing government policies and commitment related to the issues of human trafficking in SAARC countries. - To identify the state of research on the themes and issues surrounding human trafficking. - To analyze new trends and anti-trafficking initiatives in the region. - To explore repatriation models. - Examine strategies for easier implementation of existing legislations for child protection and human trafficking. For more information or to register, please visit http://kolkatamarywardsc.org/international-conference/

Peace and Conflict Resolution Conference 2017
The Conference is organized by Tomorrow People Organization- internationally recognized non for profit organization with head quarters in Belgrade, Serbia. The official language of the conference in English. Attendance of delegates from more than 40 countries is expected. This highly exciting and challenging international conference on peace and conflict resolution is intended to be a forum, discussion and networking place for governmental officials, academics, researchers, professionals, administrators, policy makers, advanced students, and others. For more information or to register, kindly visit http://www.pcrconference.org/

The 20th UNAFEI UNCAC Training Programme
Information at http://www.unafei.or.jp/english/