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  2018 ILEETA Conference & Expo
2018 ILEETA Conference & Expo March 19-24, 2018 The St. Louis Union Station Hotel St. Louis, MO The 2018 ILEETA Training Conference and Expo will offer more than 150 courses and more than two dozen instructor certifications/armorer courses. Topics include use of force, officer survival, defensive tactics, instructor development, specialized training and firearms including a live fire track. Attendees receive a certificate of attendance, conference bag, shirt and numerous other giveaways. Certification, armorer and live fire courses will require advance registration as there will be limits on class size. These courses may charge up to $35 per person (materials fees to cover costs), which will be paid prior to the conference directly to the instructor. Specific details on signing up for these courses will be made available on the ILEETA web site, (www.ileeta.org), and by e-mail to those who have registered for the conference.

2018 National Conference on Juvenile Justice

Join us in sunny San Diego as we bring this vital and important educational opportunity featuring cutting edge information, state-of-the-art programs and current research in the juvenile justice system. Some of the featured topics will include: alternatives to detention, trauma-informed justice, cross-over youth, deep-end youth, dating violence, ending solitary confinement, recidivism, indiscriminate shackling issues, disproportionate minority contact, LGBTQ issues in the juvenile justice system, sex trafficking of minors, juvenile drug courts and runaways and the Interstate Compact for Juveniles.

This conference is designed for a wide range of disciplines and open to all those interested in the improvement of the juvenile justice system.

For more information or to register, please visit http://www.ncjfcj.org/2018-national-conference-juvenile-justice

Nambia National Day
Nambia National Day

Naw Ruz - New Year - Baha'i

Baha'i observance of the vernal equinox symbolizing spiritual growth and renewal.

Norooz (The New Day) - Zoroastrian
Zoroastrian New Year

Novruz bayrami - Azerbaijan
The main and favorite holiday of the Azerbaijanis is Novruz bayrami, which is literally translated as "holiday of spring". Novruz is an origin Muslim celebration of New Year. It is celebrated on March 20-21, when the nature is waking up and the spring accedes its throne, when new life is initiated. All the country is preparing for this holiday. Prospects and squares of the cities are decorated; the hostesses are making cleaning up all around. All the streets and yards are full of joy these days. Dances, songs, crackers, popguns, music, laugh, "new year" fortune telling and sorcery, visit to the relatives with the holiday sweet gifts always take place.

Ostara - Wicca
Festival of renewal, rejoicing and fertility, although for most of the Northern People, the forces of Winter are still at full sway. In ancient times, the gift of colored eggs to one's friends and loved ones was a way of wishing them well for the coming season; a magical ritual of prosperity and fertility. According to Ostara, their customs have survived into the modern holiday of Easter as Easter eggs and Easter bunny (the rabbit was one of Eostre's sacred animals)

Ramayana - Hindu

The Ramayana is one of the two great Indian epics, the other being the Mahabharata. The Ramayana tells about life in India around 1000 BCE and offers models in dharma.

Redesigning Justice: Promoting civil rights, trust and fairness
The conference will shine a light on seemingly intransigent aspects of justice systems including what equality and legitimacy mean 50 years after the assassination of Martin Luther King and why prison is still so central to justice responses to crime. It will also seek to develop thinking on the changing dynamics of crime with the increasing prominence of cybercrime and fraud but also the impact of the changing nature of public discourse, with the rise of social media, on justice debates. This conference seeks to bring together academics, policy makers and practitioners from within the criminological and legal disciplines but we are also keen to include contributions located within areas of study including philosophy, geography, political science and economics. Sign up by 1 January 2018 for ‘early bird’ rates. Full details at: http://howardleague.org/events/redesigning-justice-promoting-civil-rights-trust-and-fairness/

UNAFEI The Training Course on Legal Assistance for Vietnam

The Training Course on Legal Assistance for Vietnam

For more information, please visit http://www.unafei.or.jp/english/