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  2018 Blueprints Conference
2018 Blueprints Conference April 30 – May 2, 2018 The Westin Westminster Denver, CO Blueprints (formerly Blueprints for Violence Prevention) began in 1996 and is hosted at the University of Colorado Boulder—Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence (CSPV). With over a decade of funding from the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, Blueprints maintained a focus on violence and drug use outcomes. Through funding from the Annie E. Casey Foundation it has recently expanded its scope to include mental and physical health, self-regulation and educational achievement outcomes. The goal of the conference is to disseminate science-based information on programs that have the highest standards for promoting education, behavior, emotional well-being, physical health and positive relationships. This conference will provide support, guidance and tools by program and prevention experts to promote effective policymaking and help practitioners implement these programs successfully in their own communities. The purpose of bringing policymakers, developers and practitioners of evidence-based programs together in one location is to provide a first-class conference that offers continuing education and networking opportunities. This conference sets a foundation for future collaboration among those interested in the promotion of evidence-based programs. For more information or to register, please visit http://www.blueprintsconference.com/

CWLA 2018 National Conference
CWLA 2018 National Conference "Advancing Excellence In Practice and Policy: Building Resilience in Changing Times" Hyatt Regency Capitol Hill, Washington, DC April 26 – 29, 2018 CWLA is accepting proposal submissions for presentations for our 2018 National Conference, Advancing Excellence in Practice & Policy: Building Resilience in Changing Times. This conference will highlight how organizations are advancing excellence in child and family services in changing times and working toward creating the next century of service. We seek proposals that feature evidence-informed/evidence-based programs and practices and their related policies and tools that lead to the successful implementation of the CWLA National Blueprint for Excellence in Child Welfare. For the 2018 National Conference, we want to build on learning and examine how organizations are responding to the challenges and opportunities presented by the priorities of the federal administration, and lay the groundwork for transitioning to CWLA’s second century of service in 2020. We would like to see proposals that demonstrate the resiliency in organizations, families, and communities in response to changing times. For more information or to register, please visit http://www.cwla.org/resilience2018/

May Eve (Walpurgis) - Asatru
The festival of Walpurgis was a night of both revelry and darkness. The nine nights of April 22 to April 30 are celebrated as a rememberance of the Allfather's (Odin) self-sacrifice upon the World Tree, Yggdrasil. It was on the ninth night (April 30, Walpurgisnacht) that he beheld the Runes, grasped them, and ritually died for an instant. At that moment, all the Light in the 9 worlds is extinguished, and utter Chaos reigns. At the final stroke of midnight, the Light returns in dazzling brillance, and the bale-fires are lit. On Walpurgisnacht, the dead have full sway upon the earth; it is the ending night of the Wild Hunt.

Netherlands National Day
Netherlands National Day

North American Association of Wardens and Superintendents Annual Conference
"Today's Corrections - It's Not What It Used to Be! Registration and conference information: Gail Heller, P.O. Box 3573, Dublin, OH 43016 - Email: gheller214@columbus.rr.com Register online: www.naawsonline.org

St. James the Great Day - Orthodox Christian
Christian recognition of the martyrdom of the Apostle James the Great in 44 c.e.

Theravadin New Year - Buddhist
Theravadin New Year - Buddhist

Walpurgisnacht (walpurgis night) - Modern Satanism
Day of lust and indulgence.