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  Azerbaijan National Day
Founding of Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan (1918).

Ethiopia National Day
Ethiopia National Day

First Republic Day - Armenia
he Democratic Republic of Armenia (DRA; Armenian: Դեմոկրատական Հայաստանի Հանրապետություն, Demokratakan Hayastani Hanrapetutyun; also known as the First Republic of Armenia), 19181920, was the first modern establishment of an Armenian republic. The collapse of the Russian Tsarist empire with the Russian Revolution of 1917 gave chance to the Armenian Revolutionary Federation to create the new republic which the leadership and the 103 of delegates from former Romanov realm (total 203) belonged to the party.[1]. When it was established borders were with the Democratic Republic of Georgia in the north, the Ottoman Empire to the west, the Persian Empire to the south, and Azerbaijan Democratic Republic to the east.

Ramadan - Islam

9th month on Islamic calendar, devoted to the commemoration of Muhammad's reception of the divine revelation recorded in the Qur'an. The event begins when authorities in Saudi Arabia sight the new moon of the 9th month. It is the holiest period of the Islamic Year. There is strict fasting from sunrise to sunset.

UNAFEI 169th International Training Course

Duration and venue: Five-weeks in Tokyo, Japan

Target: Criminal justice officers (police, prosecution, judiciary and any other relevant agencies) who deal with criminal cases, especially illicit drug trafficking

Main theme: Criminal justice practices in investigating illicit drug trafficking cases

Objective: To identify effective measures of collecting evidence and international cooperation to overcome issues in proving illicit drug trafficking cases.

Possible Topics:

1. Current situation of illicit drug trafficking (international or domestic trading systems and conveyance procedure for illicit drugs and materials)

2. Issues in proving illicit drug trafficking cases

3. Effective usage of investigation measures (controlled delivery, undercover and sting operations, electronic surveillance, plea bargaining etc.)

4. International cooperation

For more information, please visit http://www.unafei.or.jp/english/index.htm