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  UNAFEI 171st International Senior Seminar

“Criminal Justice Response to Crimes Motivated by Intolerance or Discrimination” (JICA Name: “Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (Senior Seminar)”)

Duration and venue: Five-weeks in Tokyo, Japan Target: Senior officers of relevant authorities who are involved in policymaking and planning with respect to activities in the field of crime prevention and criminal justice

Main theme: Studying the current trend of crimes motivated by intolerance or discrimination and exploring the background of criminals who act on intolerance or discrimination

Objective: To explore and share the roles of criminal justice systems in preventing crimes motivated by intolerance or discrimination, and to develop effective measures to counter such crimes.

Possible Topics:

1. Each country’s response to crimes motivated by intolerance or discrimination

2. Practical challenges facing criminal justice measures against crimes motivated by intolerance or discrimination

3. Dealing with crimes motivated by intolerance or discrimination in each stage of the criminal justice system: investigation, prosecution, trial, and treatment

For more information, please visit http://www.unafei.or.jp/english/

Chinese New Year - Year of the Pig
Hai is the twelfth sign of the Earthly Branches. Its animal representation is the Pig. In Chinese culture, the pig is associated with fertility and virility. To bear children in the year of the boar is considered to be very fortunate, for they will be happy and honest. The Pig type is usually an honest, straightforward and patient person. They are a modest, shy character who prefers to work quietly behind the scenes. When others despair, they are often there to offer support. This type of person is reserved with those they do not know too well, but as time passes and they gain confidence, those around them may discover a lively and warm-hearted person behind that mask of aloofness. Despite those born in the year of pig having a wide circle of friends and acquaintances, they have few close friends who understand them and share their inner thoughts and feelings. It is easy to put trust in pig type; they won't let you down and will never even attempt to do so. Such people simply want to do everything right according to social norms.