Santa Lucia Day - Roman Catholic

Description Celebrated in Sweden on the shortest day of the year and around the world near this date. The legend of Santa Lucia originated in Italy and is believed to have been brought to Scandinavia by sailors or missionaries.
The most well-known legend tells of a maiden from Sicily, who around 300 A.D., joined the Christians in their work. When she gave her wedding gifts away to the poor, her behavior was considered "strange" and she was thrown in jail.
She was then condemned to burn at the stake, but she emerged from the fire unharmed, so she was slain with a sword. Years later, she was declared a saint by the Roman Catholic Church. The name Lucia is derived from lux, which is Latin for light.
In Sweden, the festival honoring St. Lucia started as a family tradition. The oldest daughter of the family rises at dawn on the shortest day of the year. She dresses in a white gown with a red sash, representing St. Lucia's blood, and a crown of candles, representing the light, which she wears on her head.
In Kingsburg, because of it's Swedish heritage. Santa Lucia Day is celebrated and begins during the day with craft and food booths. It ends in the evening with a light parade.
Date Sat, December 13, 2003
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