Redesigning Justice: Promoting civil rights, trust and fairness

Description The conference will shine a light on seemingly intransigent aspects of justice systems including what equality and legitimacy mean 50 years after the assassination of Martin Luther King and why prison is still so central to justice responses to crime. It will also seek to develop thinking on the changing dynamics of crime with the increasing prominence of cybercrime and fraud but also the impact of the changing nature of public discourse, with the rise of social media, on justice debates.

This conference seeks to bring together academics, policy makers and practitioners from within the criminological and legal disciplines but we are also keen to include contributions located within areas of study including philosophy, geography, political science and economics.

Sign up by 1 January 2018 for ‘early bird’ rates.

Full details at: http://howardleague.org/events/redesigning-justice-promoting-civil-rights-trust-and-fairness/

Location Keble College, Oxford, United Kingdom
Date Wed, March 21, 2018
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