ICPA 19th AGM and Conference

Description The ICPA’s annual conference is the largest international gathering of correctional professionals and practitioners of its kind, attracting in the region of 450+ attendees from over 60 countries with representatives from all continents. Comprising six days of activities, you can attend a wide range of plenary, parallel workshop sessions and roundtable discussions covering relevant topics across the correctional spectrum. We also provide a modest exhibition space for exploring the latest technologies, innovations and services as well as a number of evening activities to create a stimulating networking environment and wrapping up with some insightful prison visits courtesy of our local host. Be part of the Global Corrections Community and attend our annual event to learn new things, exchange ideas and take back practical applications.

This year our annual conference will focus on the theme of ‘Innovation in Rehabilitation: Building Better Futures’. For this event we anticipate a conference agenda that reflects a strong focus on contemporary approaches, ideas and technologies in relation to the rehabilitation of offenders and their reintegration into the community, with presentations which will address:
Inspiring and empowering people to try new ideas, approaches and technologies;
Implementing new ways of learning, sharing, networking and collaborating with corrections services around the world;
Evaluating innovative programs to understand impact and determine broader application;
Applying change management models in community-based and physically secure, or staff-secure custodial settings;
Building supportive partnerships to deliver effective and combined services; Regarding innovation as a long-term strategy rather than a short-term;
Looking at other sectors as a source of inspiration to develop creative solutions to operational challenges; Sharing experience of what worked and what didn’t work well in the development of new projects/pilots;
Adopting continuous improvement across all programs and services;
Developing a culture where rehabilitation is at the heart of relevant decision making; Developing offender centred programs and services;
Using innovative alternative ways of delivering sentences of the court.

Full information at: http://icpa.ca/london2017/
Location London, UK
Date Sun, October 22, 2017
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