Child Sex Trafficking Forensic Interview Training

Description Develop the skills and techniques to conduct developmentally appropriate forensic interviews with victims of child sex trafficking. Review victim-centered interview methodology with special emphasis given to understanding the factors contributing to child sex trafficking victimization and the impact on development and effects of trauma.

Learning Objectives:
-Apply developmentally and culturally appropriate methodology in forensic interviews of victims of child sex trafficking.
- Utilize forensically sound interview techniques appropriate for use in court testimony.
- Learn the differences between forensic interviews of minor victims and those of other victim populations.

For registration please visit: https://www.nttac.org/index.cfm?event=trainingCenter.traininginfo&eventID=2012
Location Dallas, TX
Date Wed, November 1, 2017
Repeat Type Daily;Until=11/4/2017 4:00am
Priority 5-Medium
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Category Victims*, Training*, Criminal Justice - General*, Education*, Trafficking - Women and Children*
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