Counterterrorism (CT) and Applied Intelligence Course

Description On 6-8 December 2017 Twickelerveld Intelligence and Investigations (formerly Lowlands Solutions Netherlands) will be presenting a three-day, 24 hours, course on Counterterrorism (CT) and Applied Intelligence at the Park Hotel in The Hague, Netherlands.

This three day (24 hour) “hands-on” program will provide the attendee with a comprehensive overview of the phenomenon of terrorism, basic counterterrorism techniques and the fundamental difference between information and (applied) intelligence in which focus will be given to Financial Intelligence (dr. Nicholas Ridley), Cyber Security & Cyber Intelligence and Intelligence Analysis (IA).

For more information or registration please visit http://www.lowlandssolutions.com/courses/counterterrorism-and-applied-intelligence
Location Netherlands
Date Wed, December 6, 2017
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