2017 International Cyber Security & Intelligence Conference

Description Ontario College of Management and Technology is proud to host the 2017 International Cyber Security and Intelligence Conference on November 7th - 8th 2017 in Toronto, Canada.

ICSIC provides a rare opportunity for global experts in Cyber security, Intelligence, Counter-Terrorism, National Infrastructure, Industry, Cyber Operations research, Law enforcement, and Legal Practitioners to proffer unified ideas and best practices on cyber safety, attacks prevention and secured cyber world. ICSIC, is a unique cyber security and intelligence conference that features high profile speakers from cyber security, privacy, intelligence, national critical infrastructure and counter-terrorism. Attendees will have a unique privilege to interact with some of the best brains in the industry.

For more information or to register, please visit https://icsic.ocmtontario.ca/
Location Toronto, Canada
Date Tue, November 7, 2017
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Category Crime Prevention*, Cyber Crime*, Training*, Terrorism*, Security*
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