CyCon U.S. 2017

Description The 2017 International Conference on Cyber Conflict U.S. (CyCon U.S.) will take place 7-8 Nov 2017 at the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington D.C.

CyCon U.S. is a premier conference on cyber conflict. It provides a venue for fresh ideas, relevant and actionable content, insight into future trends, and access to industry, government, and military leaders, cyber innovators, and pioneers in the discipline. The conference promotes multidisciplinary cyber initiatives and furthers research and cooperation on cyber threats and opportunities.

CyCon U.S. is a collaborative effort between the Army Cyber Institute at the United States Military Academy and the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence. CyCon U.S. complements the CyCon Conference held every spring in Estonia. The conference is also technically co-sponsored by IEEE Computer Society.

For more information or to register, please visit http://aci.cvent.com/events/2017-international-conference-on-cyber-conflict-cycon-u-s-/event-summary-004d598d31684f21ac82050a9000369f.aspx?p=10
Location Washington, DC
Date Tue, November 7, 2017
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Category Security*, Crime Prevention*, Training*
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