Cyber Security Summit & Expo

Description Cyber Security Summit & Expo
November 16, 2017
London, United Kingdom

The Cyber Security Summit has earned its position as the UK’s leading one-day conference for those at the forefront of securing technology, data and networks across government, CNI, public sector and enterprise.

In alignment with the National Cyber Security Strategy, the theme for this year’s event is – Taking a joined-up national response to secure technology, data and networks.

Bringing together senior leaders, the Summit provides a unique platform for cross-sector debate and shared insights to optimise UK cyber resilience and the fight against cybercrime. This is a paid-for feature of the Cyber Security Summit & Expo, providing exclusive keynote speakers, board-level discussion and Chatham house debate.

For more information or to register, https://cybersecuritysummit.co.uk/
Location London, UK
Date Thu, November 16, 2017
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Category Cyber Crime*, Security*, Training*
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