2017 Professional Development Seminar

Description NACDL and the NCDD recognize that administrative staff, paralegals, and investigators are a lawyer’s most important resource.

To that end, after last year’s very successful inaugural staff development training, the hosts of this seminar want to provide another unique opportunity to not only educate the law firm staff, but provide an incentive for the office.

So educate and reward your staff at the same time!

We have developed a special 1/2 day training program just for them. After their seminar, treat them to a night or two in Vegas –We know your efforts will be rewarded many times over!

For more information or to register, please visit https://members.nacdl.org/event-details?id=0b5d5806-07b2-4c1b-ac7a-536ad50397f4
Location Las Vegas, NV
Date Fri, October 6, 2017
Priority 5-Medium
Access Public
Category Courts*, Criminal Justice - General*, Training*, Prosecutors*, Law*, Non-Governmental Organizations *
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