23rd National Symposium on Juvenile Services

Description Improving Juvenile Services: Identifying and Promoting Quality Practice
October 8 12, 2017
Rosen Plaza Hotel
Orlando, FL

The National Symposium on Juvenile Services is a unique forum that brings together the leadership and direct care professionals from juvenile services and other human services professionals for training and the opportunity to network and share innovative program service approaches being implemented within the juvenile justice system throughout the country. We hope you will have a participatory role in shaping the agenda and future direction of our juvenile justice system.

To convene a diverse representation of juvenile service practitioners, trainers, and educators
To provide an open forum for an exchange of ideas and a discussion of issues
To build partnerships for enhanced service delivery
To be innovative in planning for the professions future
To educate all participants on the critical issues in juvenile justice
To share best practices
To celebrate our successes

For more information or to register, please visit http://npjs.org/symposium/
Location Orlando, FL
Date Sun, October 8, 2017
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