Victim Advocacy Training


Victim Advocacy Training

6/12/2019 - 6/13/2019
The Safe Center Long Island
Bethpage, NY

This training is appropriate for newer Victim/Family Advocates from the CAC, Victim/Witness Advocates from the prosecutor's office, and Sexual Assault Advocates working with the CAC. 

Seasoned advocates are welcome, but if attending only to get training hours for NCA, please note, some of the material may be review.

A 2 day training will enable participants to:

- Demonstrate increased knowledge and appreciation for the unique role of victim advocates in response to the needs of children and families;
- Learn strategies to engage and empower caregivers in their support of child sexual abuse victims;
- Increase understanding of multi-disciplinary team dynamics and implications for victim advocates as integral team members;
- Review new NCA standards for victim advocacy

This training will provide documentation for 16 hours that cover 8 of the 9 training requirements for NCA Standards for Accreditation, Victim Advocacy. Dynamics of Child Abuse and Neglect are not covered in this training due to time constraints. If advocates have not received training on this in their position, please complete Child Victim Web: Overview of Child Victimization or Office of Victims of Crime Victim Advocacy Training: Child Abuse Module.

For more information or to register, please visit https://www.eventbrite.com/e/victim-advocacy-working-with-children-and-their-caregivers-tickets-53733351902

Location Bethpage, NY
Date Wed, June 12, 2019
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